Maurizio Cancedda

Physiotherapist, Professional Trainer, Feldenkrais® Teacher

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Degree in Physiotherapy, Sports and Rehabilitative Science and Education Sciences. Maurizio Cancedda is specializes in the treatment of postural disorders, musculoskeletal and spinal pathologies. He is teacher of the Feldenkrais® Method and creator of Rieduca® Method. He is also author of books and audio – video programs.

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Maurizio created the Rieduca® Method, which is practiced throughout Italy, by using the balanced and aware movement, breathing and neuro – muscle relaxation to improve function and posture. The Method, inspired to the Feldenkrais® approach, is taught in a Post graduate course.

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He is founder and director since 1996 of the back school “Il Ginnasio“. The Centre has helped thousands of people to improve their well-being and to take care of their back through movement, postural education, physiotherapy and a healthy lifestyle.


A lot of people suffer  of  back pain, neck pain and muscle tension due to improper posture at job and in study. This book by Maurizio Cancedda is for them. With easy and clear language you’ll enter in to the world of the back to discover  how it is made and how it should be managed. Maurizio has been working for many years in functional  rehabilitation, because He believes that  intelligent and harmonious movement is therapeutic.

“I’ve been doing this for a lot of years, because I believe that intelligent and harmonious movement can be therapeutic. “


Piazza G. Verdi 4/6 16121 Genova